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Autistic friendly Airlines

How to offer this kind of service at your Airlines:
I think we will all admit that traveling anywhere with any child can be testing at some point during the journey. Traveling with an Autistic child can be even more testing.
·        At the airport; the alternative option to park and ride is what is know as meet and greet parking. This method is much more Autism friendly as it enables you and your family to drive directly to the airport and have your vehicle collected from the terminal you are departing from.
·        Each aircraft has what are known as Med seats (medical seats) which the aircraft staff can allocate at their discretion upon departure. Use these seats with autistic children.
·        A trained crew; training about autism and the unique needs of these families.
·        Crews must used to dealing with all kinds of things, so a child with autism should not phase them. Kids screaming in flight, abnormal behaviors are nothing new to these folks - especially a seasoned crew.